Foundry616 is at liberty to change the below at any given time. It is up to artists to keep up to date with the latest version of our gig form. 

Please complete the gig form within 5 DAYS of your confirmed event.

If you have questions regarding event sales, our website, or promotion, please email us at artist.foundry616@outlook.com.

If you are having trouble filling in the gig form on our website, please contact the email address above immediately for a document version of our gig form.

For venue operations, questions, and concerns, please contact our venue manager at foundry616@gmail.com.

We offer guaranteed fees, fees plus incentive percentage, door deals, and door deals with a guarantee versus. We DO NOT offer any deals that include percentages of bar trading.

Artist deals are currently as follows:

  • For tickets up to $18, the split is 90/10.
  • $18-$25 the split is 85/15.
  • Over $25 the split is 80/20.
  • 75/25 or 70/30 for artists from overseas or with high ticket prices of $40 +.

As soon as we receive all the necessary gig details, we can begin advertising your show. If we do not receive this gig form within 5 business days, the gig date will be at risk of being cancelled or postponed. The minimum guarantee, if any, may not be honoured and instead would only be paid the door deal.

NOTE: Figures of the gig will be sent to you by our venue director Peter Rechniewski within 5 business days of the gig date. Payment will then be issued to the artist within 10 business days from the date we receive the invoice.

Please send your invoice in PDF format to Peter Rechniewski financial.lprpromo@gmail.com and poljazz@wix.com.au ONLY.

All artwork and images MUST be sent as separate files, with the following dimensions:

  • 2160 x 1080px

DO NOT contact artist.foundry616@outlook.com regarding artist payments.